22nd Century Rose Facial Bar
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Our Price: $16.95

22nd Century Escape Body Bar
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22nd Century Tee
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Shampoo Bar

Try the 22nd Century Shampoo Bar that is talked about on YouTube.

Hair Conditioner

The super rich all natural deep conditioner is beneficial for low porous hair and thick strands.

Detox Kit

This kit is great for those who are new to the natural hair journey and would like a fresh start.

New Products

Facial Mask

This mask tightens loose skin and battles wrinkles.

Ruby Gel

This gel gives you a scarf-free set without the residue.

Hair Stew

Helps make the roots of the hair strong to make way for growth.

Latest Video

Tune in to Next Live 22nd Century Natural Hair Show on 18 June 2017 at 3pm CST.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for helping me learn how to love and take care of my natural hair. My hair has grown since I started applying your hair care practice. I am using the shampoo bar,deep conditioner and I just started using the hair oil.

I love your channel. Your products are very good,they delivered as advertised. You are a patient and you are a very good teacher. You covered all the bases, and you answered all the questions before we even asked them. I appreciate your work and tips on how to love and care for our hair.

Your Name, Vinnette Pope

I just want to give my testimony that the shampoo bar is like nothing I have ever tried. I truly see a difference in how my hair look and feels. My hair is so soft after shampooing it is unbelievable, the conditioner as well is also great. I threw away all of those store bought products that claims to do what this shampoo bar and conditioner does without you even needing to add much to your hair, which is a good thing, I like that fact my regimen is simple and I don't need all that other stuff and best of all it is economical for me, I can truly say that I have found a product that works for me with out all those chemical cocktails in it, I will be sticking to my new products and regimen. When I started my healthy hair journey in January 2016 of this year my hair is armpit length and I have seen an inch of growth in March 2016 of this year, the way I handle my hair while shampooing and styling , detangling without the combs, in conjunction with using good natural products I believe is really helping improve the condition of my hair, I also use it on my 2 year old daughters hair, and her hair feels very soft also. Thank you soooo much 22 century natural women for sharing you wonder products you are truly blessed with a gift, I really hope you continue to keep making your products, keep up the awesome work.

Your Name, T. O'Neil

Wow! I would like to commend you on this shampoo bar, it's done wonders for my 4b hair, just used it today and can I say am in looove!!  

My curls are popping it left my hair moisturizer I even used it to detangle. 

This is the beginning of my chemical free journey, just made my all natural daily moisturizer with Shea butter and oils, keep doing what you're doing will be coming back for more.

Your Name, Curly Safari

Happy Customers

Hi 22nd Century,

I have been using your products for a little over half a year now and it has contributed to moisturizing my hair in the healthiest natural way. I wanted to send a before and after pic to you of the amazing results!

My before pic is of a damaged state from straightening it one AND using UN natural "natural" hair products.

My after pic is of a healthier voluminous state from having chopped off the dead ends , keeping in protective styles majority of the time while still washing my hair with your shampoo bar and deep conditioner!

As you can see, BIG difference!

Nature wins, yet again 

Thank you!

Your Name, Imani O'Blige

Your shampoo bars are heaven sent !!!! Yesterday, I received my shampoo bars in two scents: Lavender and Peppermint. After cleansing my hair with your bars, I experienced very low lather which was amazing. I had no stripping and no drying out of my hair at all. 

My strands were soft and easy to manage with finger detangling unlike other shampoo bars I've tried in the past. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents and expertise. You're a young, brilliant hair scientist and I support you :)

Your Name, Marsha Walton

Special Try These Items

Bluetooth Speaker

These speakers are great to hear music or answer the phone while your hands are busy styling your hair in the shower.  Speakers will stick to any smooth surface and has great quality sound for a small speaker.

Bath Scents

Try one of our bath scents that will fizzle in your water to give off a relaxing scent that will help leave all the problems of the outside world behind.